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Palewell Press Ltd is aiming for a recognisable identity both in the appearance of its publications and their content. Following our relaunch in 2016, alongside our interest in poetry publishing, our books will be increasingly slanted towards human rights, social history and the environment. We will choose books for publication that we feel passionate about and put effort into every stage of their development. We're also committed to the principle of books and reading skills being accessible to all. Here are the services we will deliver to achieve those aims.

  • Editorial project management: Carrying out all agreed editorial aspects of a publishing project, from manuscript submission to the final checking stage before submitting the work to a printer or electronic publisher
  • Proofreading: Pre-publication proofing to identify typographical or linguistic errors and omissions on a printed or electronic proof and, once these are agreed with the Author, making corrections
  • Copy-editing: Preparing a manuscript for publication, including stylistic, structural and potentially intrusive editing where required
  • Cover Design: Designing, or commissioning the design of, the cover for publications, which may incorporate the Authorís own images
  • Printing: Commissioning the printing of an Authorís manuscript including proof copies, print-on-demand and bulk print runs
  • Media conversion: Conversion of existing publication from e-book format to paperback and from paperback format to e-book
  • Distribution: Acting as the main sales outlet and/or placing the published work for purchase on-line, download as an e-book and sale in book stores
  • Events: Organising launches and other events to generate publicity for the published work and at which book sales can be made
  • Marketing: Other marketing activities as discussed with the Author
  • Mentoring: Provision of mentoring and creative feedback for poets assembling collections and for prose authors
  • Poetry workshops: Design and facilitation of workshops for both experienced and new poets, and for after-school poetry clubs
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