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Palewell Press Ltd - Independent Publishing

Palewell Press Ltd

We are a small independent publisher based in South West London. Until January 2016 we focused on publishing full poetry collections, anthologies and pamphlets.
But now, working with a number of writers, we are extending our range to include the publication of short and long fiction, plays, memoir, biography and other non-fiction work.
In selecting authors to publish, Palewell Press aims to support Human Rights, and to increase people's understanding of Social History and Environmental Change.
For a fuller picture of how we support our writers, see Palewell Services

Our aims are to:

  • Publish the work of new and established writers
  • Encourage and mentor new writers
  • Focus on writing about human rights, social history and the environment
  • Promote interest in poetry and other creative writing
  • Set high artistic standards
  • Support access to reading, books and literacy skills

Submissions and Correspondence

Our preference is for electronic submission. Writers should, in the first instance, send ten pages of work to enquiries@palewellpress.co.uk
We aim to respond within a few weeks of receipt. All other correspondence to enquiries@palewellpress.co.uk

The Senior Editor of Palewell Press Ltd, Camilla Reeve, is a published poet and author, who regularly performs her poetry in venues around London.
Camilla also runs Palewell Poets, which meets on a monthly basis.

Palewell Press Ltd. Registered in England. Number 10473109. Registered Office 384 Upper Richmond Road West, London SW14 7JU

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