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Caroline Stockford - a Palewell Press translator

Caroline Stockford is a translator, poet and human rights activist from Barmouth in North Wales. She studied Turkish literature, translation and the history of the Turkish language at the School of Oriental & African Studies, London. Her MA thesis was on the Turkic runiform script of the Orhon monuments. Stockford’s poetry and translations have appeared in many online and print journals including Modern Poetry in Translation, the Berlin Quarterly and Turkish Poetry Today. She was a regular attendee of the Cunda International Workshop for Translators of Turkish Literature. Caroline was one of the editors and translators of Turkish poet Haydar Ergülen's first selected works in English, Pomegranate Garden, (Parthian, 2019). Stockford is a board member of Wales PEN Cymru and works as Turkey Adviser for PEN Norway, running literary and legal human rights projects..

In October 2021, Palewell Press publishes Butterfly of the Night translated from Turkish by Caroline Stockford.