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Hussam Eddin Baramo - a Palewell Press author

Journalist and writer, Hussam Eddin Baramo (Email: Syrian.writerz@gmail.com) was born in 1961 in Al-Meedan, the southern suburb of Damascus. A formative childhood experience was visiting ‘Dar Al-Oloum’, his father's press house, where he was intrigued by the smell of industrial ink and paper, the noise of printing machines spitting hot books. Hoping for a better life and a liberal political system, the family moved to Lebanon in 1969. This transition was the first in a series of cultural, political and geographical changes that would influence his writings. After the 1975 outbreak of the Lebanese Civil War, his family decided he should return to his grandfather's house in Damascus in order to complete his studies.

On his journey home, he witnessed lines of Syrian tanks approaching Lebanon, and this incident set the tone for the years ahead in Syria. Hussam entered college to study politics and economics and, during a visit to Beirut, became a member of a small Marxist party. With another leftist clandestine group, he continued his involvement in this line of dangerous politics in Syria. By co-founding a publishing company, Al-Wa’I, in Damascus in 1986, he went back to his father's roots, publishing books by renowned writers such as Ghaleb Halasa, Mamdouh Edwan, and Ahmad Fouad Nijm. Having endured the repression that crushed Syria and his party, and imprisoned many of his friends, in 1989 he moved to Cyprus to work as an editorial secretary for a political women-oriented magazine called Shehrezad in Limassol. In 1994 he moved to the UK where he has lived since then, working for a London-based Arabic newspaper.

When the Syrian uprising against the Syrian regime began in 2011, he was part of the creation of the Syrian Writers Association, and served as vice-president and editor-in-chief of Awraq, its cultural publication (2012-2019). He is a columnist, political analyst and has been a speaker at universities, conferences, TV programmes and seminars as well as contributing to debates.

Hussam's previous publications include a poetry book, Poisoned Kohl, 2012, and short stories. He translated Introduction to Slavoj Zizek and Post Orientalism, by Hamid Dabashi, 2013. At present, he works as Managing Editor of Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper.

Grave Seas, published by Palewell Press in 2021, is about War, Refugees, Migration and the Immigration Process, and is based on his own and other refugees' real experiences,