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Tom Harding - a Palewell Press author

Poet and illustrator, Tom Harding, lives in Northampton, UK with his wife, son and cat.

Night Work, published by Palewell Press in 2017 and both written and illustrated by Tom, is his debut poetry collection. In it, he looks at insomnia, loss and melancholy following the end of relationships. Night Work is also available on Kindle.

Afternoon Music, launched in June 2020, is Tom's second poetry collection, also illustrated with his exquisite drawings. He shares the unease many of us feel about the pace and sometimes pointless nature of office work and consumerism. With grace and filmic clarity, his writing reminds us of simple pleasures like lying under a sunlit tree or by an open window and reconnecting to the universe. A Kindle version is also available.

Tom's poems have appeared in a number of publications including: Lighthouse Journal, Identity Theory, Right Hand Pointing, Drunk Monkeys, Sentinel Literary Quarterly and Edison Literary Review.

Tom keeps a website of his work at www.tomharding.net.

He is also editor of the Northampton Poetry Review