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Palewell Press is an independent voice in the publishing world. We give a platform to books by or about refugees, as well as books on our other passions including sustainable farming, the dangers of Climate Change, and the social isolation people can experience caused by mental or physical health issues. Here are some of the responses to our work that have appeared in the media

Camilla Reeve at the Edinburgh Free Fringe (Video)

In August 2017, Camilla performed at the Edinburgh Free Fringe as part of the She Grrrowls set of events. Here she is reading poems about homelessness, war, her favourite musicians and the environment.
Cam at Edinburgh Fringe, 2017
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Three Days in Damascus - a memoir by Kim Schultz (Audio)

"An American Goes To Work With Refugees And Ends Up Falling For One." Palewell Press published "Three Days in Damascus" in November 2016. It generated a lot of excitement on both sides of the Atlantic and attracted some rave reviews, especially from people involved in helping refugees rebuild their lives. Just after Christmas 2016, the USA's Worldview web channel interviewed Kim about how she ended up writing the book
Front cover of Three Days in Damascus
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The Soil Never Sleeps - an extract read by Adam Horovitz (Audio)

In January 2018, Palewell Press published "The Soil Never Sleeps", an exciting new collection of environmental poetry from Adam Horovitz, author of "Turning" and "One Thousand Laurie Lees." Here is a recording of Adam performing two poems from his new collection at the Oxford Real Farming Conference in 2017.
Adam Horovitz
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Tiger and Clay - Syria Fragments, poetry and memoir by Rana Abdul Fattah (Video)

Rana Abdul Fattah's book "Tiger and Clay", published in March 2017 by Palewell Press, is a poignant account of what it feels like to be a refugee. Rana is Syrian and lives in exile in Istanbul. She can't go home or travel outside Turkey. For her UK book launch in August she read over Skype. Here she is reading about missing her parents.

Front cover of Tiger and Clay
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Supinely Sublimely - selected prose by Marion Michell (Audio)

In September 2016, Radio4 Woman's Hour broadcast a series of interviews on chronic illness and creativity over five days. You can hear Marion Michell's fascinating interview 27 minutes into the following recording.
Front cover of Supinely Sublimely
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Camilla Reeve on Virtual Dodo during the Coronavirus (Video)

In April 2020, during the Coronavirus, Patric Cunnane and Pete Murry hosted the first online gig of Dodo Modern Poets. Here she is performing an open mic slot of "Winter Angels".

Camilla Reeve, 2020
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How Palewell Press came into being - Camilla Reeve (Video)

In July 2017, Camilla was videoed as part of the Palewell Press bid to win Small Biz Sat 100 - the Small Business Saturday organisation's choice of the 100 most exciting small businesses in the UK during 2017. Here she is talking about what inspired her to set up Palewell Press

Camilla Reeve, 2020
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