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Refugee advocate, actor and Chicago-based author, Kim Schultz travelled to the Middle East in 2009 as an artist/activist to meet with Iraqi refugees. While in Syria, she met and fell in love with Omar, one of the refugees, forever changing her life. Three Days in Damascus, published by Palewell Press in 2016 as a paperback and on Kindle, is her memoir of that time and her relationship with Omar. An audio version of Three Days in Damascus is now also available on Audible.

Over the past eight years, inspired to work on behalf of refugees worldwide, Kim has been promoting the art of displaced Iraqi artists, working as NY Chapter Chair of The List Project as well as helping recently resettled refugees make a home in the U.S. through various resettlement organizations. Kim's other publications include a critically-acclaimed play No Place Called Home: This Isn't Supposed to be a Love Story, and a small journal style book Story Diary (Veterans Book Project, 2012). She has also published several articles and op-eds on the subject and has had an essay appear in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles, 2016.

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