Roz Doe - poetry & prose on young refugees

Adnan Mohsen - Poems by Iraqi poet in exile

Malka Al-Haddad - poetry on UK Asylum Process

Simon Lichman - poetry on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Jay Woogara - memoir on educational inequality

Parwana Amiri - Poetry on life in Refugee Camps

Joseph Kaifala - Memoir on a Refugee wedding

Frank McMahon - Poetry on Human Rights and Nature

Clare Saponia - prose poems on EU response to refugees

Catherine Davidson & Anba Jawi (tr) - Human Rights poems by young Iraqis

Haydar Karatas & Caroline Stockford - A Kurdish family history

AM & T Mickiewicz - love during Poland's martial law

David Forrest - stories and poems inspired by Syrians in Glasgow

Hussam Eddin Baramo - Refugee poetry on Human Rights

Jennifer Langer (ed) - Anthology by Exiled Writers

David Punter - Poetry on Human Rights

Dr Anna Ball (ed) - Human Rights anthology by PAMOJA

Soleiman Adel Guemar - Human Rights short stories

Camilla Reeve (ed) - Anthology on Human Rights & Climate Change

Agnes Meadows - poems on War & Human Rights in Iraq

Steve Champion & Craig Ross - a #BLM Social Treatise

Jane Spiro - Holocaust & Jewish Diaspora poetry & prose

Sonia Jarema - poetry & prose on Ukraine

Farrah Fray - Poetry on Women's Rights in Libya

Joseph Kaifala - Poetry on Sierra Leone

Rana Abdulfattah - poetry & prose by a Syrian refugee

Kim Schultz - Human Rights memoir

Wordshare Poets - Human Rights poetry pamphlet

Irma Upex-Huggins - poetry & prose on VSO in Tanzania

Helen Boyles - poetry on Nature & History

Kathy Miles - poetry on Nature and Bereavement

Alison Lock - poems on the healing power of Nature

Alison Lock - Nature Poetry as Meditations and Observances

Philip Burton - poetry in support of Sustainable Fashion

Michael Baron - Poetry on Nature and History

Martin Johns - Nature Poetry

Helen Boyles - poetry on humans beings' response to Nature

Philip Burton - Poetry on Nature under threat

Michael Tanner - poems on Nature under threat

Rebecca Gethin - poetry on species extinction

Adam Horovitz - poems on sustainable farming

David Russell - surreal Eco-poetry

Adam Horovitz (ed) - anthology of poems inspired by healing plants

Camilla Reeve - YA climate-themed futuristic fantasy

Wordshare Poets - poetry on the theme of Water

Camilla Reeve - Nature poetry on Skomer Island

Bilal Al Masri - Existential poetry from Lebanon

Ruth Hobson - the homeless at Christmas

Tom Harding - poetry on love and loneliness

Camilla Reeve - Poetry on bereavement & recovery

Philip Burton - Poetry on having Dyslexia

Dr Alwyn Marriage - poetry celebrating Womankind

Sue Proffitt - poems on living alongside Dementia

Christie Dickason - YA diversity-themed historical novel

Camilla Reeve (ed) - Covid-themed poetry & prose anthology

Rocio Rodriguez-Inniss - psychological short stories

Rachel Sambrooks - poetry & prose on Women's Issues

Tom Harding - poetry on love and alienation

Frances White - poetry collection

Ruth Hobson - poetry on the homeless

Sue Johns - Poetry on Women's Issues

Tom Harding - poetry on loneliness and love

Marion Michell - Prose on chronic fatigue syndrome

Nick Alldridge - poetry on depression & recovery

Ruth O'Callaghan - poems on Desire, Loss, History & Freedom

Gillian Petrie - poems on war, childhood and love

Frank McMahon - poems of love and fury

Jane Sherwin - collected poems

Richard Aronowitz - poetry on Love, Nature and History

Martin Johns - poetry on History and Nature

Camilla Reeve - Narrative poetry collection

Gillian Petrie - collected poems

Patric Cunnane - poetry on Politics, History and Love

Wordshare Poets - anthology celebrating love

Derek Summers - poetry on European Politics & History

Letterpress Poets - Anthology 2015

Camilla Reeve - poetry inspired by longitude

Camilla Reeve - collection on Love and Human Rights

Camilla Reeve & Gillian Petrie - poems about Muir Hunter

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