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How you can get involved in our work

We like to think of our readers, tucked up in their favourite corner with a Palewell Press book, or finding time to read one on their way to work.

But some of you have asked how you can do more to support our work.

Here are ways you can get involved.

Running an independent press can be a solitary existence, so we welcome positive feedback in the form of Testimonials and Reviews.

We were thrilled when the team at Qisetna Project wrote on LinkedIn that "Palewell Press Ltd is a inspiration for many as example of dedication to nurture the voice of talented writers such as the young Syrian writer Rana Abdul Fattah." 

Why not email us about a Palewell Press book or event that you enjoyed?

Most of our books are on Amazon, as well as other websites, and any of our authors would be thrilled with a review.

Like many non-profits, we rely on the work of volunteers.

At different times, volunteers have uploaded Social Media posts about Palewell Press, helped the Senior Editor to review submissions, or shared the running of book events.

If you might be interested in volunteering for us, please let us know.

We're committed to sustainable publishing, including a book's "end-of-life." If you've enjoyed reading a book but no longer wish to keep it, why not pass it on to a Community Centre library or to an organisation supporting refugees? Two other ways to achieve that are:

Bookcycle - a UK charity that donates books and educational resources to children worldwide. This is funded by a mix of people giving them books and people paying for second hand books in their bookstores and community-based shelves.

WHSmith Bookcycle - to donate your books, register them on the website then drop them off at a participating store. Most of the books find new homes through Zeercle, the partner of WHSmith, reselling them through second-hand bookstores.

We don't receive grants and most of our income comes from selling books.

Your donation would help us do more mentoring and editorial work with refugees and writers from other marginalised groups.

Here is a link to our Donation page on PayPal

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