Front cover of Resting Place

S.A.Leavesley writes that, within Resting Place, "Historical backdrops, compositional inspiration, imaginative flights of the honeybee...the wide-ranging four sections – New World, Old World, Mortality and Another Country – pulse like chambers of the heart. Alongside beauty, sharp edges are exposed: the world's darker elements and the human body's personal, moving, fragilities. Ultimately though, each poem is a resting place: the words on the page and the space around them allow each image, rhythm and emotion to sink in, then resonate, as if 'punctuated by the brilliant | echo of stars.'"

Resting Place was published in January 2019. You can order the pamphlet for £7.50 (excluding postage) from this page or Amazon, ISBN 978-1-911587-13-2.

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