Front cover of In the Alyscamps

Derek Summers's second poetry collection with an unashamed social and political commitment - 2016. A committed European, Derek Summers's poems reflect his extensive, enthusiastic travels, from St Petersburg to Van Gogh's Haarlem, from Hornchurch to St Honorat’s chapel in the Alyscamps at Arles.

In this, his second collection, he pursues his fascination with the contrasts between English and French language and culture. Fans of Derek's previous collection - Brevities - will be delighted to find that In the Alyscamps contains the same sincerity, honesty and compassion. There is humour and lyricism in Derek's lines, and a luminous pictorial clarity. Finding consolations amid conflict – whether internal or external – is difficult at the best of times. Sharing them eloquently is even more so.

You can order the paperback for £8.99 (excluding postage) from this page or Amazon, ISBN 978-0-9556770-5-2.

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