Please Don't Kill All The Poets - Front Cover

Adnan Mohsen is an Iraqi French poet, critic and translator, a literary innovator in both Iraq and France. He has published widely in both Arabic and French. This his first collection to be translated into English - It's wonderful for Palewell Press to be collaborating again with Dr. Anba Jawi and Catherine Temma Davidson - the translator-editor duo who brought us The Utopians of Tahrir Square.

Mohsen's surreal, trenchant and aphoristic poems are deceptively simple; inside their no-frills package, they contain complex wisdom, irony and the consoling absurdity of our shared humanity.

Dr. Anba Jawi, has characterized him as one "who has escaped from the poets' barracks." Iconoclastic, irreverent and deeply humane, these are poems with universal resonance.

Please Don't Kill All the Poets will launch in April 2024 in London. You can order an advance copy from this page for £9.99 plus postage.

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