Front cover of Supinely Sublimely

Marion Michell's beautiful collection of textlings - carefully crafted and tightly focused prose - is illustrated with her own artwork.

The writing in this prose collection surges off the page giving glimpses of a life bent out of shape by M.E. and P.O.T.S., debilitating and little understood diseases. Her words sizzle with the suppressed energy of an adventurous spirit.

Tom Shakespeare, Professor of Disability at Norwich writes: "In the tradition of Fernando Pessoa and William Soutar, Marion Michell writes from her bed and takes us on journeys with language which leave us enriched. Concision may be forced on her, but it generates memorable distillation of the experience of illness, which will be familiar to anyone who has endured a health problem." 

Supinely Sublimely launched in November 2016. You can order the paperback for £8.99 (excluding postage) from this page or from Amazon, ISBN 978-0-9556770-7-6. Or download the Kindle version

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