Front cover of Three Days in Damascus

Kim Schultz's memoir of an unexpected love affair in the middle of the refugee crisis - November 2016.

Writer, actor and refugee advocate, in 2009 Kim Schultz travelled to the Middle East as an artist/activist to meet with Iraqi refugees, forever changing her life.

Three Days in Damascus follows her 3-year fight for a chance at love with an Iraqi refugee whom she met for 3 days in Syria and was never supposed to fall in love with.

The memoir shares authentic Iraqi refugee stories, a whirlwind Middle Eastern romance and the consequently doomed, intercontinental relationship told through texts and emails - all with civil war, revolution and an arranged marriage as the backdrop.

You can order the paperback for £10.99 (excluding postage) from this page or from Amazon, ISBN 978-0-9955351-0-7. Or download the Kindle version. 

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