Unfurling by Alison Lock is a pamphlet of poetry as meditations and observances.

As reviewer Paul Abdul Wadud Sutherland says, the pamphlet "conveys an elegant simplicity in its continuum of couplets. The collection begins with arresting questions which force the reader to address him or herself with the potential, not only to read but to be awake to the wonders of existence, cosmic and intimate. The sequence becomes a graceful self-help manual encouraging readers to take ‘themselves’ seriously as if this is the surest way to care for and observe the planet. Lock suggests through delicate verses of description, legend and argument that for ecology to be effective human beings need to attend to themselves with an ecology of self. The author speaks directly to the reader, saying of the poems ‘Let them form tales/to nurture your heart’." 

Unfurling launched in 2022. You can order a copy for £7.50 (excluding postage) from this page. 

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Camilla Reeve, Senior Editor


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