Welling Up

Welling Up is the first anthology composed of writing submitted to Palewell Press, with selection based on our core values of justice, equality and sustainability.

From Fortaleza de Sagres in Portugal where, “Out on the edge of Europe the great fort squats / brooding in the heat,” to generations of forgotten women drawing water from a well in Africa, twenty-eight poets share compassion and anger on the problems facing marginalised and displaced people.

To achieve greater justice and equality we also need environmental sustainability and the fifth section looks at Global Warming. Ultimately, though, we can only protect elements of our world that we’re able to describe effectively. Welling Up concludes with lyrical hymns to Nature and her “hidden streams / where your heart / sits up, awake at last, / to pay attention.”

Welling Up launched in October 2019. You can order the paperback for £8.99 (excluding postage) from this page, ISBN 978-1-911587-26-2 or from Amazon. 

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Camilla Reeve, Senior Editor


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