Front cover of Inside the Blue House

Debut poetry pamphlet by Sonia Jarema that deals with Ukraine's diaspora and its impact on her family. The poetry and its poignant prose introduction take you to uncomfortable places that are lit with extraordinary imagery.

Myra Schneider writes: “In these immediate, tightly-controlled poems Sonia Jarema bears poignant testimony to the effects of war and persecution on ordinary people. Sadness and happiness, England and the Ukraine are juxtaposed... Homecoming is a moving celebration of Jarema's first visit to her parents' country where she begins to learn about the past she has comes from. Inside the Blue House is a memorable debut.”

Inside the Blue House launched in April 2019. You can order the pamphlet for £7.50 (excluding postage) from this page or Amazon, ISBN 978-1-911587-16-3. 

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