Front cover of Fur Beneath the Skin

Fur Beneath the Skin is a YA diversity-themed historical novel that takes you to dark places but delivers you safely back - a breathtaking transformation of fact into fiction.

Rafe doesn’t know whether he is a werewolf or not. He knows only that he must get rid of his “wolf” - whatever it is - before it kills him and the girl he loves. On the run from superstitious fear and scientific curiosity, he joins other “different ones” who help him. But only he can decide whether or not he is a werewolf…or something else.

Diversity has always been with us. All that changes are the words used to describe it. This is one of the few novels since Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot and The Possessed by a writer who knows from personal experience how a ‘fit’ of epilepsy can feel.

Fur Beneath the Skin launched in Spring 2021. You can order a copy for £10.99 (excluding postage) from this page or from Amazon. . A Kindle version is also available. 

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